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標題 [爆卦] 馬英九上了加拿大環球郵報的國際新聞精選
時間 Wed Sep 2 18:50:28 2015

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The ties that bind: Taiwan and China at a crossroads – The Globe and Mail
While President Ma looks to grow link with Beijing, momentum builds for country to take a separate path …

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“台灣大學生薪水比 1999 年還要少 9.5%,

同時間台北市的房地產價格所得比卻上漲了 15 倍”.




The ties that bind: Taiwan and China at a crossroads
TAIPEI — The Globe and Mail (includes correction)
Published Monday, Aug. 31, 2015 3:00AM EDT
Last updated Wednesday, Sep. 02, 2015 8:52AM EDT

After years of protests that have undermined his efforts to build closer ties with China, Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-Jeou is calling his opponents naive idealists and warns that angering Beijing can be dangerous for an island keenly aware of the mainland missiles still pointed its way.

“Cross-strait relations have been at their most stable and peaceful in the last 66 years,” Mr. Ma boasted during an interview with The Globe and Mail in the Japanese-colonial-style presidential palace in downtown Taipei. His critics, led by young students who have occupied the legislature and government offices in protest, perhaps “do not really understand some of the issues,” he said, and questioned “whether their actions serve the interests of Taiwan or not.” The students, he said, “have to take a more pragmatic approach.”

But Mr. Ma’s days are numbered – his eight-year term will end with a Jan. 16 election – and so may be his vision, as Taiwan prepares for another approach, one fuelled by a rising distinct identity, and a new desire to pursue a separate path.

If the current mood holds, voters stand ready to punt Mr. Ma’s Kuomintang party not only from the presidency but also, for the first time, from parliament as well – a major shift in a territory the People’s Republic of China claims as its own, at a time when Beijing is already struggling to contain a market crisis and the fallout of slowing growth.

A win for Tsai Ing-wen, the presidential candidate currently polling at 40 per cent for the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, would mark “a new era for Taiwan,” said Karen Cheng, a young activist who volunteered with the Sunflower Student Movement that occupied the legislature for 24 days last year in anger against a services trade agreement they said would hurt Taiwan.

Like many members of her generation, she sees little reason to cozy up to Beijing. In China, she sees not a fraternal state, but an authoritarian country that threatens Taiwan’s nascent democratic freedoms.

“I won’t say this movement shows a new generation totally against China,” she said. But it “shows our high concern about getting closer and closer to China.”

Hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese have protested during the past two years of Mr. Ma’s tenure, opposing a trade agreement that was to be one of his signature achievements – but is now languishing with little chance of passing. And with their nationalistic cries of “one country on each side,” the students have sought to undermine what was to be his legacy: A closer, warmer relationship between Taiwan and mainland China.

Ms. Tsai has pledged to uphold the status quo, saying in a recent speech she would “push for the peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations in accordance with the will of the Taiwanese people.”

But with attitudes in Taiwan growing more skeptical toward China, Ms. Tsai has also said she would “uphold the right of the people to decide their future free of coercion.” The implicit warning to China, whose President Xi Jinping has said there must soon be a “final resolution” between the two sides, prompted the Communist-run Global Times tabloid to warn last week that any showdown with Beijing would put Taipei in a “highly dangerous situation.” China still considers Taiwan a renegade state that it could use force to repossess, and many Taiwanese remember with fear the tense summer 20 years ago when China fired missiles not far from the island’s shores.

But for Taiwan, Ms. Tsai’s ascension would cement an identity change in a place that today considers itself more distinct than ever before. Researchers at National Chengchi University have conducted regular polling that, starting in 1992, found just 17.6 per cent of people called themselves Taiwanese. This year, that number rose to 60.6 per cent, a record. Just 3.5 per cent now consider themselves Chinese.

The split rises to the surface in all sorts of places. When it was first formed 42 years ago, Taiwan’s celebrated Cloud Gate Dance Theatre choreographed and performed classical Chinese stories. “At the beginning, we had a strong link with mainland China – not only culturally but also politically,” said Huang Ching-yi, the theatre foundation’s international project manager. But the traditional fare has been replaced by innovative abstract performances, audiences no longer interested in the old stories from China.

“The new generation, they are independent,” Ms. Huang said.

Part of it may be Mr. Ma’s own doing. In seeking closer ties to the mainland, he has opened a clearer window for Taiwan to see how it has grown apart. “In many ways this has brought into sharper contrast the differences that exist between the two societies,” said J. Michael Cole, a researcher and author of Black Island: Two Years of Activism in Taiwan that documented the student movements.

The implications for political reconciliation will be long-lasting, he believes.

“In my view, the genie is out of the bottle and it’s here to stay,” he said. “Conservatives and pro-China types are now increasingly the outliers.”

In the past year, Beijing’s unwillingness to bend to Hong Kong’s demands for more electoral freedom – an intransigence that brought protesters to downtown streets for months – has only deepened anxiety in Taiwan. Fears about economic dependency have also grown as China’s growth wobbles and its markets crash.

Wealthy Taiwanese business interests may still favour closer ties to China, “But the rest of the Taiwan populace realizes that they are the ones at risk, both politically and economically, especially as China’s economy crumbles,” said Melissa J. Brown, managing editor of the Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies and author of Is Taiwan Chinese?

Taiwan’s feeling toward China haven’t been helped by the island’s own troubles. Once a vibrant economic tiger, it has watched China suck away much of its electronics manufacturing industry, leaving behind stagnating wages and increasingly difficult prospects – in particular for young people. College graduates make 9.5 per cent less money today than in 1999 – at a time when Taipei real estate prices have risen to 15 times the average wage, much higher than other major cities such as London and New York.

“Young people have very low salaries and it’s really difficult for us to find decent jobs in Taipei or the other cities,” said Tseng Po-Yu, a former spokesperson for the Sunflower Movement who is now running for legislative office with Green Party Taiwan. “Politicians have shown they’re not going to listen. So we think it’s time for us to change Taiwan politics.”

Mr. Ma, however, argues that Taiwan has it better than its people realize – and he warned that deviating from the path he set with China could be dangerous.

Taiwan’s youth unemployment rate, for example, may be high at near 12 per cent, but it’s little different from that in other countries, he said – and suggested the loudest voices against him aren’t representative. “Maybe some of the silent majority do not express their views, but it does not mean that they agree with these students,” he said, citing the benefits of 23 cross-strait agreements now concluded – the latest, last week, allows for new co-operation on taxation and aviation safety – and the four million mainland tourists who came to Taiwan last year.

History, Mr. Ma added, offers a warning against Taiwan turning its back on China. He referred to the history of China, which over the past few thousand years has moved between unity and separation – but the transitions have not been simple. “Without exception, when we have moved from unification to separation or separation to unification, it took war,” he said.

Taiwan’s best chance of bucking history, he argued, is to stay the course he set of keeping favour with Beijing.

“Over the past seven years, we have developed a model to pursue peace,” he said. “So it may prove that we are wiser than the people of the past.”

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to a 3,000 year history of intermittent unity between China and Taiwan. In fact, China itself has been intermittently unified over thousands of years. It also referred to presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen using an incorrect nickname of “Little Red Pepper”, when in fact that nickname has been used by local media to describe another candidate Hung Hsiu-chu.

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→ harrishu: 國際認證09/02 19:44
噓 maxboy06: 第一天住鬼島? 大驚小怪09/02 19:45
推 ARTORIA: 是房價所得比15倍吧…房子漲15倍是什麼概念09/02 19:46
推 povin: 馬的,把台灣搞爛09/02 19:46
推 winxp5566: 讚 豪總統09/02 19:46
※ 編輯: deepdish (, 09/02/2015 19:48:35
推 NN9: 噢噢09/02 19:48
噓 zyxw1682: 阿扁下台09/02 19:48
推 sss33: 蔡可把負債的DPP重新帶起來 KMTer只會把百年政黨敗光09/02 19:49
推 yoher: 垃圾09/02 19:50
推 as222as222a: 台灣之光09/02 19:51
→ alco7: 太簡單怪在也黨監督不力就ok啦 順便問蔡英文提出對策09/02 19:53
噓 a09374567: 有土斯有財 有房有財 如果沒這些觀念 今天那些垃圾
→ a09374567: 也不會得逞09/02 19:54
推 eqmblcor: 台灣之光 國際認證的廢物09/02 19:55
→ wxtab019: 阿扁不用下台?09/02 19:55
噓 jerry88838: 後面又在那邊扯沉默的多數 沉你媽拉幹 廢物水母09/02 19:56
推 xxlinusNeD: 1998還正常,果然八年遺毒09/02 19:56
推 DimitriPuff: 主計處請出來澄清好嗎09/02 19:57
推 farmoos: 加拿大房價被中國人炒高09/02 19:57
推 MermaidFA: 恭喜騜國際認證get09/02 19:58
推 Lexussss: 哇哈哈哈哈09/02 19:58
推 Dick144: 歷史定位啊~~~!!!09/02 19:59
推 eric2099: 爛死了,阿扁快下台09/02 19:59
推 lovelebron24: 台灣之光09/02 20:00
推 SiFox: 加拿大:原來台灣人可以這麼奴呀??大開眼界!09/02 20:01
→ shintz: 抓到了 加拿大是綠的09/02 20:02
推 bakapika: 幹09/02 20:03
推 qqqidqqq: 台灣有台灣的玩法 國外不懂09/02 20:07
推 Rayark802: 台灣汁胱09/02 20:09
推 jeremy780527: 正港超英趕美的台灣之光09/02 20:12
推 lovetweet: 台灣之光09/02 20:13
推 cs91358: 台灣之光09/02 20:13
噓 joe00477: 活該 自己愛投國民黨09/02 20:19
推 bird0331: 又一國際認證09/02 20:20
推 iWatch2: 台灣ㄉ光09/02 20:22
推 suhaw: 馬英九 歷史定位 GET!09/02 20:25
推 linuxpi: 台灣之光09/02 20:28
推 remprogress: 丟臉丟到國外09/02 20:29
推 OOQ: 呆丸之肛啊!09/02 20:31
推 BigTounge: 救援投手扁維拉已經在牛棚暖身09/02 20:31
噓 Miralles: 馬:1999年後,陳水扁總統….zzzzzz09/02 20:31
推 cbstgb: 台灣汁光 另外負債也有前幾名喲09/02 20:31
→ sally9ab: 真的是台灣之光耶XDDDDDDDDDDDD09/02 20:33
推 pkpkok: 笑了09/02 20:34
推 Raskolnikov: 42689.2:歷史會還馬囧一個公道09/02 20:35
推 kps1247: 歷史定位達成09/02 20:36
推 claeekt: 台灣之光09/02 20:40
推 User0: 超英趕美09/02 20:40
噓 sam85sam22: 這明明就民進黨外圍組織09/02 20:41
推 Elpida: 台灣之胱09/02 20:42
推 kororoDX: …09/02 20:42
推 nhuangtw: 2k~08總統是阿扁,08~14民進黨主席是蔡英文09/02 20:42
噓 kaykay176200: 有上有推09/02 20:43
推 sss33: 被馬囧騙的689腦波真的很弱 被騙4年還給4年 帶賽全台灣09/02 20:44
推 Pegasus170: 被加拿大兩大報之一的這樣報,果燃國際認證的騜。09/02 20:45
推 ytw8216: 加拿大認證世界無能09/02 20:47
推 s0505403: 不愧台灣之光!09/02 20:48
推 joeydai: 請蔡英文放過加拿大09/02 20:48
推 Tamama56: 台灣之光09/02 20:51
推 weigo20: 蔡英文害的 叭叭~~ 下台09/02 20:52
推 hankhui3175: 國際認證的歷史地位 馬英九好棒棒09/02 20:55
推 kudoboy: 三十六道工法炒炒炒09/02 21:00
推 pentoxide: legend09/02 21:01
推 aprilgirl: 臺灣汁胱09/02 21:03
噓 ga624641: 請蔡英文還有民進黨放過加拿大環球日報
→ ga624641: 更正 環球郵報09/02 21:10
推 scrate: 抓到啦,加拿大是綠的09/02 21:15
推 sss33: 史上最大詐騙集團–KMT:我們準備好了!633 黃金十年 騙北七09/02 21:15
推 Toge: 隨便啦,反正都是扁政府的錯不是嗎09/02 21:18
推 ralfeistein: 馬:我感到充滿了希望09/02 21:22
推 tree85: 台灣之光09/02 21:22
推 hsiaochin: 阿扁下台啦!09/02 21:23
推 paul880818: 台灣汁胱09/02 21:26
推 nakinight: 鬼島之光09/02 21:26
推 dannyxm3: 唉,鬼島09/02 21:31
推 MW1220: XD09/02 21:34
推 barry1027gg: 之前講房地產是火車頭的死哪去拉09/02 21:35
推 makotoCCO: 社運總召 台灣之光09/02 21:36
推 hellohsieh: 國際認證又一項 真他馬的廢09/02 21:38
推 mbor: 唉!無話可說了09/02 21:39
推 wowo72517: 台灣詐騙大王09/02 21:43
推 ycix: 環球日報是綠的09/02 21:48
推 nash610: 鬼島汁胱~09/02 21:49
推 AAPL: 歷史定位09/02 21:51
推 book2381: 造成生育率世界最低09/02 22:03
推 Asucks: 馬英九是中華民國有史以來最廢最無能的總統09/02 22:12
推 jason613: 台灣之痴09/02 22:22
推 wateryou: 一份工作賺不夠 你有做兩份嗎09/02 22:25
推 GaryMatthews: 歷史定位 get09/02 22:27
推 vi000246: 薪水沒漲十五倍啊09/02 22:38
推 ilove360: 馬狗之恥事件簿!09/02 22:38
推 yu0117: 國際認證了! 丟臉丟出門09/02 22:38
推 ryankkk: 哈哈 想說馬英九怎會推爆 原來是這樣啊09/02 22:47
推 bcd: 房地產搞成這樣還一堆人在拜土地公,根本一點都不「公」啊09/02 22:50
推 eeveelugia2: 台灣之光無誤09/02 22:51
推 dearpuppy: 馬不看電視的 連洪舅是誰都不知道 罵到嘴角全沫也沒用09/02 22:58
推 darkout: 台灣好慘,真的是被財團綁住的政府09/02 22:58
→ s19951231: 台灣之光09/02 23:02
推 anson26666: 鬼島之光09/02 23:04
推 jerry6799: 英丸:我八年就讓台灣遠遠超過倫敦和紐約了09/02 23:05
推 kenneth0424: 台灣之光09/02 23:06
推 au013944: 對啦對啦我知道又是阿扁的錯嘛09/02 23:14
→ tsming: 歷史定位09/02 23:25
→ mark682910: 我的臺幣會撕裂你!09/02 23:26
推 odi5656: 國際認證,歷史定位get!09/02 23:27
推 coolwind4410: 低薪高房價!09/02 23:30
推 AKG5566: http://www.taiwancon.com/wp-content/uploads/auto_save_image/2015/09/051537N4X.jpg09/02 23:47

推 yam276: 臺灣之光09/02 23:50
推 youthyeh: 台灣之光 炒房有方 財團金光 選票賠光09/02 23:50
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